SMSF – Setup “Not another technological acronym”

I know what you’re thinking: please, I don’t want to see another acronym in my life. I don’t need another ATM (automatic teller machine) or PIN (personal identification number) or EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer point of sale). I just don’t need any more—why can’t we just call things what they are? Why do we have to shorten everything?

Now, I know what else you’re thinking. If I were to throw the term SMSF Setup at you, you’d already know what it is. You’d tell me you’d heard that one before. “I know what it is,” you’d shout! “It’s a Self Managed Super Fund, and the setup part is obvious. Someone is going to set one up for me.” You’d also go on to tell me what a Self Managed Super Fund is; that it is superannuation that you control and manage yourself. You’d tell me that you’re being super responsible and really thinking about your future. You’d go on and on about how knowledgeable you are. I’d be so impressed.

Well, you’d be wrong.

In this case SMSF Setup is no such thing. In fact, it’s a completely different acronym. So, there! It’s actually a new kind of short message service. That’s right, it’s a text message. So, what does the ‘F’ stand for? Well, I’m glad you asked, because I’m about to tell you.

The ‘F’ stands for ‘film’. Yep, you can now send entire films via text message, because why not? That’s right, in a real win for the phone companies, you can use up your entire month’s allocated data in one text message. Doesn’t that just sound fantastic? Head on over to the homepage of your carrier and you’ll be able to go to the SMSF Setup page and you’ll be off. When you start texting films all your money will be flying out of your account and you really will need a Self Managed Super Fund when you retire.