There’s no denying that Melbourne has some pretty unpredictable weather. In a day, you might experience all 4 seasons. One occasion I remember leaving the house thinking I didn’t need my jacket as it appeared to be a sunny day, only to return drenched and shivering, wishing that I had brought a blanket with me to work. It’s hard to prepare for these kind of conditions, especially when even the weatherman is prone to getting weather reports wrong. Especially when you live in a city where the climate is constantly changing. Whilst it’s pretty funny at times, you want to make sure you are able to adapt to any and all kind of weather changes comfortably.


Heating and cooling mechanisms such as ducted heating installation are basically an essential when living in Melbourne, so you can maintain the temperature in your home despite the fluctuating conditions outside your door. You should probably look into investing in a winter coat that you can fit into your bag. Or even a poncho. You may also want to consider getting one of those cute little fans that can attach to the charger ports of smart phones or your pens but that’s just me. I’m just trying to keep up with the latest trends at the moment.


It is said that if you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, just wait a minute, because of its ever changing climate. A prime example of this uncontrollable weather is the temperatures in January. Melbourne experienced a couple of sizzling 40 degree days but almost straight away, were hit with a week of miserable and cloudy 20 degree days.  As frustrating as it is, you can come accept and love the charm of Melbourne. That is, until you leave your office, realize you left your umbrella at home and are forced to endure the short but never ending 15-minute walk home in the pouring rain. But I’m not bitter.


Okay so whilst obviously the weather in Melbourne isn’t that bad, it’s important that you properly prepare yourself and your home to any weather possibilities. I recommend any kind of air conditioning being installed and that you research ducted heating installation Melbourne so that you can come home to a stable temperature. Try to avoid any dodgy installations by researching the companies involved and asking around for reviews. That way you can stay at home, out of the treacherous climate conditions that is Melbourne weather.