The best place to stick a billboard

I get too easily bored on the drive to and from work. It’s probably not a good thing given that I should be focusing all of my concentration on the road. But during heavy traffic where you barely move 2 metres every half hour, I find myself aching for any kind of entertainment. A lot of the time, my radio is mostly just interviews or ad breaks which I’m not really interested in. So I find myself admiring the scenery around me.

It’s mostly just other cars lined up behind one another, jerking forward every 5 minutes or so and honking every 10. I like staring up and admiring the buildings and apartment blocks. I have a favourite skyscraper which is the offices for a national bank. It’s asymmetrical and almost 20 stories high. The whole thing seems to built out of glass. You can see everyone inside hastily moving around like ants in the sky. Also on the first floor, I can see the digital signage through the glass. It’s a really good advertisement placement to be honest.

Speaking of which, the billboards are also a good source of entertainment. They change every few weeks or so because a few times graffiti artists manage to find thems up there and unfairly edit the wording of advertisements or add an extra something to images on the billboards. I don’t condone it but I have to admit, it is a little bit funny seeing what people change it to and I also agree that advertising on billboards is a great way to grow your business.

As someone who has experience reading these billboards, I figured out where the best place is to put a billboard in my opinion. I’d say someone at a traffic light, where the traffic is heavy during the day or where cars may be stopped at random intervals. You may also want to consider a location where vandals might have trouble on top of. You’d think every way would be difficult to get onto of a billboard but for those with experience, it can be surprisingly easy.

The next time I pass through the city during peak hour. I hope I see a new billboard. Or a freshly graffitied one. Either way, it’ll keep me occupied.