Best way to advertise a business? Flyering!

The best way of advertising a business is through flyer printing. I own a small boutique that specialises in board games but nowadays, kids are more interested in their tablets than playing cards or solving puzzles. This has not been great for business.

In fact, my business has been struggling. Sales have been down and I am scared that I may have to close down. This would be incredibly sad as the shop has been passed down for four generations in my family. I knew something had to be done if I wanted to preserve the family business. It would break my grandpas heart to see his beloved shop disappear.

The issue with the shop is that it is not in a super populated area. In fact, it is in a quiet street and is not easily spotted from the road. As a result, business has always been a little slow. Presently, the unfortunate placement of the shop has impacted business more than usual. My friend, who also own a business, suggested I improve my advertising strategies.

I took this advice and created a website as well as a Facebook page. But this did not seem like enough. I needed something that anyone could easily be exposed to. This is when the idea to print flyers popped into my head. This way people could easily be alerted about the existence of my shop.

I contacted the local business printing services and had a bunch of flyers printed out. I was able to place these business flyers in nearby shops and cafes as well as on street posts and bins. However, I found that these flyers would not last for very long and had to be replaced regularly. To me, someone who is very passionate about the environment, this felt very wasteful.  These business flyers that I was printing would drop from their perch and litter the ground as well. I needed a way to decrease my impact on the environment.

This is why is decided to switch to recycled paper instead. Turns out the printing services offer recycled paper for half the price of normal paper. So it was beneficial to wallet as well the environment.

The business flyers worked and business thankfully increased. People often come up to me and tell me that they saw my business flyers in a café they were in or spotted one while they were putting something in the bin.